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Week of March 25 – 29

Spring is in the air at LLMS.  Staff and students are enjoying the longer days and the fabulous weather.  I know my kiddos are enjoying riding bikes and playing in the dirt in the evenings.  Tball has also started and many nights you can find the Soose family at the WYAA cheering on Jenna, who happens to be the only girl on her team.

As we enter this final nine weeks, just a reminder to create engaging, high-quality lessons will help keep students on task and on track in classrooms.  Please let me know if you want to schedule some planning time to look at some ideas on engaging students with creative technology projects.


Students in Mrs. Gutierrez’s 6th Pre-AP science classes completed their digital timelines on Space Exploration using Tiki-Toki.  Students were given eleven events to add to their timelines.  After getting all the events, students had to add information and details about each event.  They could include pictures, video, and websites as well.  Click on the link below to see a student example.

Student Timeline

The Electromagnetic Spectrum took over Mrs. Troy and Mrs. Wells’ Science classes.  The students used the Google Expeditions app and the VR (Virtual Reality) viewers to learn about the different type of waves.  During the virtual field trip, students viewed the waves in the viewers and then answered questions based off of the material presented on the projector from Google Tour Creator.  The discussion about microwaves, radio waves, infrared waves, and ultraviolet waves taught me more than I learned from reading the information.  For example, did you know microwaves are more than just a device used for heating or cooking food, but actual waves used for radar and communication?

Mrs. Johnson’s 7th graders competed in a Goosechase to review Surface Area.

Students answered a variety of questions using photo and video evidence, as well as self-checking answers.  Students described pyramids and prisms, found lateral and total surface area, and competed to be the first team to finish.

Let Mrs. Soose know if you need ideas to integrate technology or helping planning a lesson.

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Week of March 18 – March 22, 2019

It was a great week back after a restful Spring Break.  Staff and students returned excited and ready to complete the last nine weeks of the school year.

A student in Mrs. Gutierrez’s class building their Tiki-Toki Timeline.

Mrs. Gutierrez’s sixth grade Pre-Ap classes used Tiki-Toki to start building digital timelines.  The timelines focused on events that are important to Space Exploration.  Students had to put eleven events on their timelines and add information to the events, such as the importance of the event and how it impacted future space missions.  During the activity, the students asked great questions to make connections about how the events overlapped and impacted each other.

Coach Winn’s seventh graders worked on a Goosechase in the library over Data Analysis.  The focus was on making connections between bar graphs, circle graphs, and dot plots.  Students connected the material they had learned prior in the week to the questions on the Goosechase.

Mr. Soose’s

In Mr. Soose’s class, his students used a to show their learning of the short story, “The Monsters on Maple Street.”  Mr. Soose choose because it is easy to send a link to the assignment in Google Classroom and many of his students will be taking online tests and this helps prepare them.  If you want to learn more about, come to the T3 training on Tuesday, March 26th in the library.




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Week of February 25 – March 1, 2019

The week started with a great T3 on Google Tour Builder and Tour Creator.  The teachers in attendance learned about using these two programs for classroom instruction.  Tour Builder is similar to Mapquest, but students create points, upload images, and write descriptions or stories in their own words.

Tour Creator, a newer Google program, allows the student to create a VR like experience from a pre-created template or their own destination.  Teachers shared many ideas of how to use these programs such as a road trip to a  national park, visiting the Alamo, or explaining the Solar System.

This week, our sixth-grade students studied Sub Saharan Africa.  To help the students gain a true understanding of the culture and climate,  Ms.  Baker used the app Google  Expeditions and the Virtual Reality viewers to submerge her students in Africann culture.  Students learned about the Cape Peninsula, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, and Ellis Park Stadium.  During the experience, students took notes in their journals about their observations and how it connected with what they had learned in class.

Seventh graders reviewed their understanding of volume and surface area of prisms and pyramids in a variety of ways.  Mrs. Johnson’s class competed in a voracious game of Jeopardy.  The class was divided into teams and competed to get the most points to win.

Coach Winn’s class used Plickers to answer questions and quickly check for their understanding of the material.  Students received immediate feedback on their learning while Coach Winn was able to track student progress and determine students who might need extra support.