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Week of February 25 – March 1, 2019


The week started with a great T3 on Google Tour Builder and Tour Creator.  The teachers in attendance learned about using these two programs for classroom instruction.  Tour Builder is similar to Mapquest, but students create points, upload images, and write descriptions or stories in their own words.

Tour Creator, a newer Google program, allows the student to create a VR like experience from a pre-created template or their own destination.  Teachers shared many ideas of how to use these programs such as a road trip to a  national park, visiting the Alamo, or explaining the Solar System.

This week, our sixth-grade students studied Sub Saharan Africa.  To help the students gain a true understanding of the culture and climate,  Ms.  Baker used the app Google  Expeditions and the Virtual Reality viewers to submerge her students in Africann culture.  Students learned about the Cape Peninsula, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, and Ellis Park Stadium.  During the experience, students took notes in their journals about their observations and how it connected with what they had learned in class.

Seventh graders reviewed their understanding of volume and surface area of prisms and pyramids in a variety of ways.  Mrs. Johnson’s class competed in a voracious game of Jeopardy.  The class was divided into teams and competed to get the most points to win.

Coach Winn’s class used Plickers to answer questions and quickly check for their understanding of the material.  Students received immediate feedback on their learning while Coach Winn was able to track student progress and determine students who might need extra support.

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