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It is hard to believe the first nine weeks of school is already over.  2019 – 2020 is just zooming by.  I have realized as the year has gotten off the ground that many of you are using the books in the library as classroom resources for mini lessons and your community circle activities.  I love, love, love that everyone is doing that.  Ms. McKay and I do not mind having you send us book titles to pull, but I wanted to show you how to use our Destiny system to search for titles.  One of the great features of our Destiny system is that you can search for titles  or authors on our campus or any of our Willis ISD campuses.   It will tell you where to find it in the library and how many copies that we have available.

Destiny Card Catalog

To get to the card catalog, go to the Parmley homepage.  Under activities, choose Library.  Click on the Destiny Card Catalog.  It will then take you to the Willis ISD Destiny homepage.  Choose Parmley and change from Homepage to Catalog.  You will get the page like the picture above.  When you get to this page, you will have a variety of options.  Let’s highlight a few options below.

Keyword searching will help you find themes, such as community helpers or scary stories.  It is great if you want to pull a bunch of resources for a topic in your classroom or have us display in the library on your library visit.

Material type will let you search for materials other than library books, such as ebooks and videos.

Finally, you can select a reading level or interest level for your students.

TexQuest research links

While I am highlighting the Library website, I want to point out the link to Research Links/TexQuest.  This is a Google Site my department has put together will all of the links to Britannica, Info Bits, and National Geographic Kids.  These are free resources that all of our staff and students have access to use.  It is a great starting point for helping students do online research and identify quality resources.  Please feel free to let me know if you would like a mini lesson on researching for your students.

While searching for books, please do not hesitate to let Ms. McKay and I know about your needs.  I know how important quality literature is to our students.  If you are using a book in your classroom and we do not have it, please send us the title.  Many times, we get requests from students for books teachers are using in class because they want to reread it.  We are willing to do our part to support your needs and your students’ varied interest any way we can.

Click on Book Needs to let us know titles to purchase and update our ever growing library.