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Week of March 18 – March 22, 2019

It was a great week back after a restful Spring Break.  Staff and students returned excited and ready to complete the last nine weeks of the school year.

A student in Mrs. Gutierrez’s class building their Tiki-Toki Timeline.

Mrs. Gutierrez’s sixth grade Pre-Ap classes used Tiki-Toki to start building digital timelines.  The timelines focused on events that are important to Space Exploration.  Students had to put eleven events on their timelines and add information to the events, such as the importance of the event and how it impacted future space missions.  During the activity, the students asked great questions to make connections about how the events overlapped and impacted each other.

Coach Winn’s seventh graders worked on a Goosechase in the library over Data Analysis.  The focus was on making connections between bar graphs, circle graphs, and dot plots.  Students connected the material they had learned prior in the week to the questions on the Goosechase.

Mr. Soose’s

In Mr. Soose’s class, his students used a to show their learning of the short story, “The Monsters on Maple Street.”  Mr. Soose choose because it is easy to send a link to the assignment in Google Classroom and many of his students will be taking online tests and this helps prepare them.  If you want to learn more about, come to the T3 training on Tuesday, March 26th in the library.