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Week of March 18 – March 22, 2019

It was a great week back after a restful Spring Break.  Staff and students returned excited and ready to complete the last nine weeks of the school year.

A student in Mrs. Gutierrez’s class building their Tiki-Toki Timeline.

Mrs. Gutierrez’s sixth grade Pre-Ap classes used Tiki-Toki to start building digital timelines.  The timelines focused on events that are important to Space Exploration.  Students had to put eleven events on their timelines and add information to the events, such as the importance of the event and how it impacted future space missions.  During the activity, the students asked great questions to make connections about how the events overlapped and impacted each other.

Coach Winn’s seventh graders worked on a Goosechase in the library over Data Analysis.  The focus was on making connections between bar graphs, circle graphs, and dot plots.  Students connected the material they had learned prior in the week to the questions on the Goosechase.

Mr. Soose’s

In Mr. Soose’s class, his students used a to show their learning of the short story, “The Monsters on Maple Street.”  Mr. Soose choose because it is easy to send a link to the assignment in Google Classroom and many of his students will be taking online tests and this helps prepare them.  If you want to learn more about, come to the T3 training on Tuesday, March 26th in the library.




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Week of February 18 – 22, 2019

Whew!  For a short week, it sure feels like the teachers at Lynn Lucas packed in learning and technology this last week.  I felt like I needed to be in multiple places at once and I just couldn’t keep up.  I was in desperate need of a time turner (think Hermione Granger from Harry Potter fame).

Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Gutierrez rocked the sixth graders’ world with the use of Merge Cubes and the app Galactic Explorer.  The students were able to hold the Solar System in their hands as the completed a scavenger hunt of the material.  The two ladies did a phenomenal job planning and preparing for the activity by sending home an information sheet to parents about the activity and the app download, making a Google Slides presentation with clear guidelines and directions, and having extra paper Merge Cubes for large classes.  Get this, some students asked to take one home to show their parents what they learned.  This is not something that happens every day.  My favorite part of the experience was watching the excitement on the teacher and students’ faces as the explored the Solar System in a new and exciting way.

If you would like a copy of the Google Slides presentation or parent handout, there are copies in the LLMS Technology Google Classroom.

To see Merge Cubes in action in the classroom, click here.  For an interview with students and their thoughts, click here.

On Wednesday, my boss, Courtney Brown, got to spend half the day with me.  Not only did she get to see the Merge Cubes in sixth grade, we also got to see a few of the video game creations taking place in Ms.  Burge’s Career

Student created Unicorn for their Bloxels game

Pathways classes.  Students are working on creating dynamic main characters that match their game theme.  Some groups have already moved onto building backgrounds and secondary characters to interact with the main character during the game.  Going into the coming week, students will continue to work on building their backgrounds and start constructing their games.  Each game is required to have 26 levels.  If you have time, swing by her 1st and 2nd periods to check out the students’ awesome game creations.

In sixth grade math, Ms. Robinson’s students reviewed their understanding of plotting points on a coordinate plane and locating points within the four quadrants using a Goosechase.  To get the students out of the classroom and working collaboratively, Ms. Robinson overlaid a coordinate plane on top of a map of Lynn Lucas.  Students then completed missions taking pictures of the classroom that matched the given coordinates or video evidence explaining the quadrant a room was within.  Before beginning the activity, Ms. Robinson spent a few minutes helping the students acclimate to the coordinate graph.

Be on the lookout for Mrs.  Harrell,  Mrs. Hersey, and Mrs. Todd’s class to be participating in the Goosechase soon.